elly Barnes Singer Guitarist For Hire Northamptonshire WWD 330 elly Barnes Singer Guitarist For Hire Northamptonshire WWD 330 2

Standard Wedding Service

My standard wedding services include:

  • 2 x 45 minute sets of live music from my repertoire
  • Free first dance request from my repertoire
  • High quality equipment and sound


Additional Upgrade Options

 And here are my besoke or upgraded service options:

  • 2 x 60 minute sets of live music
  • Duo with percussion (Cajon/Shakers)
  • Trio with percussion and bass
  • After midnight finish
Call 0845 226 3177
or click here to email
Call 0845 226 3177
or click here to email


What I'll Do At Your Wedding

Arrival, Set Up & Sound Check

On arrival at your wedding venue, I'll find the venue staff or wedding planner and find out where I am performing. When I've found the stage, I will start to unload my gear, set it up and sound check. 

After Set Up

Now I'm set up and ready to come back to play later on and I'm happy with the sound levels and overcome any obstacles, I can now retire to the backstage area where I can have a bite to eat, something to drink and get changed into my stage clothes.

Wedding Ceremony / 1st Dance

I can perform at your wedding ceremony doing an acoustic track or few in the church. I will also happily perform your first dance for you - just call my agents to discuss these options well in advance of your wedding date.

1st Live Set

My first set can begin anytime you like, as I can be booked to perform at a morning wedding ceremony, an outdoor afternoon event, or even as the main evening entertainment!

2nd Live Set & End Of The Night

After the interval, I'll be ready to reappear on stage to perform my second live set; again, I am flexible as to when I start this final performance.

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